Fruit and Yogurt Bar

When our kids nagged us all the time to make them fruit shakes at home, we understood that this probably happens in every house, and everybody loves good, quality fruit shakes. However, just like us, not everybody has the energy all the time to make it or has the best ingredients on hand. This is when we got the idea to create our FruitBar chain that specializes in creating quality, delicious, and healthy shakes. At our FruitBar shops you can order from our rich menu, where you’ll find ice and fruit based shakes, yogurt based, vegan, sorbet, and superfood shakes. You can also BYO (Build Your Own) creative shake! And if you aren’t in the mood for a shake, you can also enjoy a wide variety of freshly squeezed juices. Since FruitBar is a part of the Legenda family, we also sell our frozen yogurts at FruitBar shops. 

FruitBar shops



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